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'A stay at Three Dog Night is pure bliss for those seeking rural respite.'

Three Dog Night Brand

Since 2008, the casita at Three Dog Night has provided travelers with a comfortable and peaceful getaway while Lake Meredith, 100 yards from the casita, offers a nature-filled experience from birding and wildlife to relaxing on the hammock or dock.


A very cold night in some Arctic cultures is considered a 'three dog night'. On these very cold nights, some folks bring three dogs inside to use as bed warmers. I love this. It's both practical and heartwarming. 

And who could forget the timeless music of the classic rock group, Three Dog Night!

Finally, it is two generations of beloved Labrador Retrievers that inspired a lifestyle and the name of our brand, Three Dog Night.

1st Generation - Alice, Smokey, & Jackson

2nd Generation - Sunny, Osita, & Louis

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