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150 million years ago, the Purgatoire River Valley

was part of an enormous shallow lake.

On its muddy shoreline, dinosaurs left their footprints behind.

Little did these Jurassic creatures know

the ruckus their muddy footprints would create 150 million years later!


The reconstructed 1840s adobe fur trading post is located

on the mountain branch of the Santa Fe Trail.


On November 29, 1864, the Colorado Volunteer Cavalry

attacked peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho villages

and massacred hundreds of men, women, and children.


From 1942-1945, over 7,000 Japanese, most of which were American citizens,

were imprisoned at the Relocation Center in Granada, Colorado.

Today, the Amache Preservation Society operates a museum and research center

to preserve and restore this American story. 


​This annual, seaplane, splash-in event takes place

at Lake Meredith at the beginning of summer!


Look for vendors, food, fun in-the-sun, and concerts

at Lake Meredith at the beginning of summer!


Colorado's 'Tarantula Migration' gets underway every fall.

Male tarantulas leave the safety of their burrows to search for females.

An AnnualTarantula Fest is held in La Junta the first weekend in October.

Sugar City, the sweetest town in Colorado,

was once the site of the National Sugar Beet Factory built in the early 1900s.

It was the only independently owned sugar operation

in the United States of America. 

Mark your calendar for the 1st weekend in November

for the only Hot Air Balloon Festival in Southeast Colorado. 

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